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Get referrals from leading professors to great candidates they know.

10K+ candidates referred by professors from
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10K+ candidates referred by professors from

Your best early hires came from your own network. With SciTok, you hire from the networks of hundreds of professors who are leaders in their field.

Hire from the best & brightest

  • 86% have master's degrees or above; 68.2% have PhD degrees
  • 82% graduated from world top 30 universities
  • Most have industry experience; 40% have 10+ years industry experience
  • Most work in life sciences, technology or finance

Warm, personal intros

Cut through the noise and stand out to highly sought-after candidates with warm intros

The best candidates are overwhelmed with cold recruiting outreach. With SciTok, you can secure a personal intro to that candidate from a professor whom they know and respect. That's a strong signal that can 10x your response rate and work in your favor when that candidate is deciding between your and other companies' offers.

Cast a wide net, without the hassle

It's a lot of effort to cast a wide net. We have your bases covered when it comes to building a strong recruiting network. We work with:

  • Passive candidates from professors' network
  • Active candidates recommended by professors
  • Our own sourcing to boost the pipeline for your hard-to-fill roles
  • Your employees and advisors' network if they agree to share with you

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